Faruk Pita

Mr. Faruk Pita was one of 37 coaches sanctioned by ESIC in relation to the exploitation of the Spectator Bug on 28 September 2020. An Appeals Hearing was held on 30 December 2020 by an Independent Appeal Panel who took into account all evidence presented during the proceedings. The Panel ruled for a 45% reduction in the Appellant’s ban to be applied. This revision occurred after evidence surfaced of previous communication between the Appellant and the developers of the game which was considered as “Assistance in Investigation”. Additionally, evidence of a tweet by the Appellant was considered a “Confession Accepted in Full”. This revised sanction amounts to 5.5 months in total and will end on 13 March 2021.


Read the full decision here:

Faruk Pita v. Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) – Appeal Decision – 12 Jan 2021



Appeal Decision Signed by

Kevin Carpenter

Appeal Panel

12 January 2021