April 07, 2022



The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) in collaboration with key stakeholders from the global esports industry, is launching the inaugural ESIC Global Esports Summit (EGES) 2022.

The conference was established by ESIC to become the meeting place and knowledge share hub for the global esports industry. The event is taking place at the ExCeL, London over 2 days on the 13-14 of April 2022, bringing together peers from across the esports industry.



The EGES will feature subject matter expert speakers delivering specialised insights across two content streams, as well as host a collection of closed-door industry meetings designed to achieve tangible progress towards several key challenges to integrity in esports.

Day 1 of the EGES will begin with an invitation only ESIC Masterclass on Crime, Fraud and Esports. Featuring guests from law enforcement, governmental bodies and ESIC Anti-Corruption Supporters, the masterclass will delve into the successes and challenges the industry has experienced, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.

Day 2 is EGES’ main conference day, featuring two specialised content streams: Main Stage keynote sessions and  the EGES Think Tank, where dialogue between experts across the industry aims to foster new insights. The day will also include many closed door meetings to channel the event’s collaboration into future action.

Publisher Riot Games and tournament organisers ESL, BLAST and FACEIT bring their expertise as central entities in esports’ competitive structure. Fnatic and Entropiq offer insight into commercialisation and operating teams in the context of competitive integrity.

PandaScore addresses data integrity and combatting match-fixing from the data supplier perspective. Prominent investors, agencies, non-endemic organisations and media outlets will also provide their knowledge and expertise on regarding the many business and economic facets that plug into the competitive space.



 The EGES will be a landmark esports industry event, giving attendees an opportunity to hear from the industry’s top thought leaders. The Main Stage will be the centrepiece of the conference with over 15 high profile esports thought leaders from around the world coming together to present meaningful keynote presentations on critical esports topics, sharing the depth of their background and personal experiences.

A must-see session on the agenda is that of Michał Blicharz, the VP Pro Gaming at ESL. He will be recounting his experiences in managing and developing the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) tournament, the world’s oldest and most prestigious pro gaming tour, watched by 55 million people across 180 countries each year.

Michał will be sharing his personal journey with IEM and how it survived the COVID-19 pandemic in the session ‘Katowice: The Making of an Event’.

Commenting on what you can look forward to at his session, Michał said:

“In 2013 the prospect of a stadium event hardly looked like a guaranteed slam dunk. Today, you could say that the history of ESL is divided into two distinct eras: what came before Intel Extreme Masters Katowice and what came after. Join me at the ESIC Global Esports Summit as I talk about the lessons we’ve learned between founding the event, transitioning the main tournament from League of Legends to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and navigating it through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Another notable speaker presenting to EGES attendees will be David Harris, the Managing Director of Guinevere Capital. David will be sharing his personal experiences on the Main Stage with his session on ‘Investing in Esports’.

Speaking on his session and attendance at the conference, David commented:

“After 2 years of disruption with the pandemic, I’m really looking forward to joining an in-person event focused on the esports sector.  There will be much to discuss with investment and consolidation in the esports and gaming sector reaching new heights over recent months, along with the increased focus on the metaverse and web 3.0.  It’s an exciting time for the industry with both new challenges and opportunities arriving”.

For more information about the Main Stage content at the EGES, visit:



The EGES will also feature a highly insightful ESIC Think Tank content track. The ESIC Think Tank is a debate style panel session where subject matter experts discuss a topical issue relevant to their area of expertise, aiming to progress the industry’s understanding of the issue. One of these topics includes ‘Tournaments in a Post COVID-19 World’, where leading esports tournament operators discuss how COVID-19 has affected their tournaments as well as exploring the ongoing ramifications of the pandemic on the future of esports.

The all-star cast joining this Think Tank discussion include: Michele Attisani, Co-Founder and CEO of FACEIT, James Dean, Director UK Strategy at ESL Gaming and Andrew Haworth, Commissioner of BLAST Premier. 

Andrew Haworth shared his thoughts about what attendees can look forward to at the conference:

‘Firstly I’m excited to be getting back to in-person conferences and being able to hear from colleagues across the industry on the challenges, success stories and learnings from the Covid era. Secondly I’m looking forward to sharing our experiences of delivering a range of tournaments during that era, what we’ll take from this going forward and what mistakes we’ve made and hopefully what we learnt from those mistakes.’

The Think Tank will also bring other interesting topics to the EGES such as the ‘Trends in Commercialising Esports: A Team’s Perspective’ session. In this session, top esports teams such as Fnatic discuss the importance of developing strong brands to create sustainable businesses. Edward Gregory, Senior Partnership Manager at Fnatic will share how he authentically connects brands to fans, through innovative content and activations to leave a lasting impression. Edward adds:

“I am incredibly excited to be speaking at the ESIC Global Esports Summit this year, the work they are doing in the space to bring legitimacy to all aspects of the industry is brilliant. Having worked in traditional sports as well as esports I look forward to sharing some of the insights I have gained as well as showcase the significant positive trajectory the industry is on, leaning on experiences I have gained from our industry leading partnership at Fnatic”  

For more information about the Think Tank content at the EGES, visit:



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February 09, 2022

NCOVR / DVRT13 becomes an ESIC Member

About NCOVR / DVRT13 

“NCOVR / DVRT13 specializes in the production and organization of esport events with an international dimension which actively, durably and responsibly participates in the structuring of the market thanks to its exceptional practical and technical skills. NCOVR / DVRT13 produces and develops proprietary tournaments and also supports its Business-to-Business customers in the implementation of online and offline 360° esport solutions ranging from the definition of their strategy to the production of esport plans, tournaments, leagues, events and tournament platforms.”

For more information about NCOVR / DVRT13, please visit


Comment from Ian Smith, Commissioner of ESIC

“I’m delighted to welcome NCOVR/DVRT13 into the ESIC membership. The project team engaged with ESIC from day one to ensure the fullest possible integration with our Program as possible and, as our first French TO member, it is particularly gratifying that they wish to ratify a national standard level that aligns with the global standards we have been striving to create. I am certain NCOVR/DVRT13 will thrive as they commence operations and we look forward to working alongside them throughout the exciting journey ahead.”


Comment from NCOVR / DVRT13

“We are proud to join ESIC as an active member. ESIC and NCOVR / DVRT13 share the same vision of making esports a better and sustainable place and promoting and establishing new standards for an ethic, fair and equal industry. By joining ESIC, we are committed to protect esports in the interests of youth, and commercial viability. We share the same values which are the fight against corruption in all its forms in the esport world. We will apply all the necessary measures, and ensure that the ESIC charter is respected throughout all our projects”

NCOVR / DVRT13 joins ESL, LVP, WePlay, BLAST, Exceed Me, GT Sports Leagues, Relog Media, 247 Leagues, Allied Esports, UCC, Dreamhack, Nodwin Gaming, FYX Gaming, Eden Esports and many other esports stakeholders who are also ESIC members.

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December 14, 2021


The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural ESIC Global Esports Summit (EGES) which is set to take place on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2022 at the ExCeL, London.

The EGES 2022 will bring together various stakeholders within the esports industry including publishers, tournaments organiser, teams, non-endemics, media and more. Stakeholders are invited to discuss and debate topical issues facing the industry while also sharing expertise relevant to the future of the esports industry.

The conference begins on the 2nd of February 2022 with, an invitation only, ESIC Masterclass on Crime, Fraud and Esports featuring guests from various law enforcement and governmental bodies. The Masterclass will be followed, on the 3rd of February 2022, with the main conference day featuring two designated content streams: Main Stage keynote sessions and Think Tank expert deliberations and collaboration.


Why ESIC has created the EGES

The EGES has been created by ESIC with the purpose of becoming the place where the industry can meet to discuss, debate, collaborate and resolve industry issues in a neutral setting. As a reputable, not-for-profit industry body comprised of a broad membership of some of the largest stakeholders in the industry globally, ESIC’s intentions are to facilitate this purpose.

Commenting on the event, Stephen Hanna, Director of Global Strategy and Partnerships at ESIC said:

“The ESIC Global Esports Summit represents a great opportunity for the industry to come together on a regular basis in a neutral environment to discuss topical issues in a meaningful way. By involving a wide cross-section of the industry including key publishers, tournament organisers, teams, agents, and others, the EGES is poised to facilitate progress for the industry. We are appreciative of all the speakers that have committed to our inaugural event and commend the receptiveness of the organisations which they represent in engaging with this forum for discussion and collaboration.”

To facilitate the EGES, ESIC has partnered with Clarion Events who will be working with ESIC to produce the event for the benefit of both ESIC’s membership and the industry more broadly at no cost to ESIC’s operational budget.

What can be expected from the EGES

The EGES is aimed at delivering critical insights through deep subject matter expertise. A key objective of the conference is to provide a meaningful knowledge exchange for all established esports stakeholders. Accordingly, ESIC has worked to ensure that the conference will not include any ‘esports 101’ subject matter.

The EGES 2022 will comprise of two main content themes:

The Main Stage

Hear critical insights from industry leading subject matter experts. Strictly no esports 101

The Main stage will be the centrepiece of the event with over 15 thought leaders from around the world coming together to present meaningful keynote style presentations on important esports topics.

The though leaders will share their expertise and unique experiences and include speakers such as Marc Schnell, Head of Competitive Operations EMEA at Riot Game, Michele Attisani, Co-Founder and CBO at FACEIT, Virginie Gringarten, Associate General Counsel at Ubisoft, Michal Blicharz, VP of Pro Gaming at ESL and many more.

The EGES will also bring together major non-endemic entrants in the “Outsiders Buying In” series aimed at presenting the industry with an interface point with major non-endemics to enable an understanding of the expectations and needs of such brands looking to enter the esports space. The detail behind the series will be revealed on the 3rd of January 2022.

For more information about the mainstage content at the EGES, visit:

Think Tank

Watch as industry experts discuss and collaborate to work towards solving topical issues facing the esports industry.

The EGES will also involve the ESIC Think Tank, a debate style panel session where subject matter experts discuss a topical issue relevant to their area of expertise with the aim of progressing industry understanding of the issue.

Confirmed Think Tank topics include:

  • A Matter of Representation: ESIC’s Agents Register and Beyond
  • Current Trends in Commercialising Esports: A Team’s Perspective,
  • Tournaments in a post covid-19 world, and
  • Bomb has been planted – crime and punishment
  • In Practice: Law & Esports

A final, but important, think tank session will be revealed in early January involving a group of key esports stakeholders.

To learn more about the Think Tank and view the current speakers involved, please head to the EGES website:

How to get involved:

Whether you will be attending with your colleagues, your friends or by yourself, the EGES is now open for ticket sales. Early bird pricing will expire on Tuesday the 4th of January 2022.

Get your early bird tickets now!

If you are looking for more details about the event please head to EGES website:


October 28, 2021

Sportsflare joins ESIC as an Anti-Corruption Supporter

Sportsflare is the latest company to join ESIC in its fight against betting fraud and corruption in esports, joining over 40 Anti-Corruption Supporters around the world. Being an Anti-Corruption Supporter, Sportsflare will assist ESIC in investigating suspicious betting activity across their betting platform, endorsing ESIC’s greater effort against match-fixing and betting fraud within esports.


About Sportsflare

Sportsflare is the betting division of Tiidal Gaming Group (CSE: TIDL), an esports platform company operating across betting, content, competition, and media. Sportsflare works with sportsbooks and igaming-related businesses on products that are innovative and enticing for the end customer. They offer a wide range of products ranging from; an esports odds feed, Betbuilder, widgets, and insights, to Bet-on-Yourself infrastructure.

For more information about Sportsflare, please visit


Commenting on Sportsflare’s membership, Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner said:

“We are excited to have Sportsflare join ESIC as an Anti-Corruption Supporter. Sportsflare is dedicated to playing its part in maintaining the integrity of esports. Anti-Corruption Supporters like Sportsflare greatly assist ESIC in investigating suspicious betting activity, assisting us in ESIC’s greater fight against cheating and corruption across esports.”


Kenny Jang,  Founder and CPO at Sportsflare commented:

We are thrilled to become a member of ESIC and are looking forward to our long-term involvement. Cheating, corruption, and fraudulent behaviour have no place in esports betting, and our membership shows our commitment in upholding and protecting the integrity of the esports betting industry. “





September 24, 2021

Promod Esports becomes an ESIC Member

ESIC is delighted to welcome Promod Esports into membership, supporting ESIC’s mission towards a uniform standard for integrity in esports. As part of its membership, Promod Esports will integrate ESIC’s integrity codes and standards into its esports operations, encouraging fair play and sporting integrity across their platforms. Joining a long list of industry leaders in membership, Promod Esports reinforces their operational commitment to competitive integrity, youth protection, and commercial viability of the international esports industry.


About Promod Esports

Promod Esports are a specialist esports agency with industry-leading background and expertise in creating and delivering authentic experiences for players and fans. They work alongside IP owners such as brands, game developers & rights holders to create engaging live broadcast content around the tournaments they deliver, as well as event management and organised play.  Promod Esports describes themselves as players at heart, and total esports fanatics. With a combined experience of 45 years in esports, gaming events, and broadcast, the team as individuals have delivered multiple global level physical events and industry leading campaigns.

For more information about Promod Esports, visit


Commenting on the Promod Esports membership, Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner commented:

“It is such a pleasure to welcome Promod Esports into membership. I have known the guys behind this for a long time and it has given me a lot of joy to watch them put their offering together and begin to thrive in the esports ecosystem in the UK and further and further afield; especially as they have always kept competitive integrity and participant welfare at the heart of everything they do. I’m really looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial future with them as we work together to protect and enhance esports and, particularly, trust in the competitive integrity of all matches.”


Rob Black, CEO of Promod Esports added:

“Ever since ESIC was established I strongly believed in their work and its importance to the esports industry in making it a safe and fair environment to be a part of. We are thrilled to be a Member of ESIC, and I am proud that we have taken this step to combat corruption during our tournaments. We are growing fast, and becoming an ESIC member shows our commitment to our fans, our players, our clients and the industry.”


Promod Esports joins ESL, LVP, WePlay, BLAST, Exceed Me, GT Sports Leagues, Relog Media, 247 Leagues, Allied Esports, UCC, Dreamhack, Nodwin Gaming, FYX Gaming, Eden Esports and many other esports stakeholders who are also ESIC members.

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August 23, 2021

ESIC Update Regarding NA ESEA Match-Fixing Investigation


For some time now, ESIC has been investigating several instances of match-fixing behaviour which took place in the North American region amongst CS:GO players participating in an ESEA tournament series. While this investigation is still ongoing, ESIC has made this release for the purposes of issuing an interim update.

To date, this investigation has been subject to significant cooperation with law enforcement agencies, anti-corruption supporters, and other stakeholders in order to ensure that the behaviour being perpetrated is thoroughly investigated and prosecuted under ESIC’s Anti-Corruption Code.

As of the date of this interim release, ESIC announces sanctions against three participants and is still in the process of conducting 34 additional investigations relating to this matter.

Notably, ESIC has observed compelling evidence that suggests that organised crime groups and foreign betting syndicates were involved in fraudulent activities during the course of Season 35 of the ESEA Premier: North America.


In early 2021, in the course of our existing investigation into allegations of match-fixing and betting fraud in season 35 of the ESEA Premier, we were provided with a recording, a transcript and other evidence relating to a conversation between members of one of the teams in the competition, Rebirth. The conversation involved three members of the team and also made reference to two players from an opposing team, ‘Russian Canadians’. This recording, evidencing a conspiracy to manipulate the outcome of matches in the tournament, was subsequently published online in April 2021.

Prior to publication, ESIC was treating this evidence as just one part of a far larger investigation involving multiple players and teams and associated individuals in cooperation with law enforcement and other stakeholders. However, due to this part of the investigation being put into the public domain, ESIC took the view that it ought to be, if possible, dealt with separately and an outcome reached in the public interest. Consequently, ESIC began a separate, but related, investigation into the recording and the individuals involved and mentioned in the conversation. This statement explains the conclusions and outcomes reached.

ESIC emphasises that the remainder of the larger investigation is ongoing and the outcomes announced in this release may not be the final outcome for the various participants mentioned.


ESIC has issued Notices of Charge against the following individuals for breaches of the ESIC Anti-Corruption Code and sanctioned each with the suspension from all ESIC member events for the period specified in each case:

Sebastian “retchy” Tropiano:

5 Year Ban Issued

Ban Start: 2nd April 2021

Ban End: 1st April 2026


Kevin “4pack” Przypasniak (also known as ‘Yugorov Prezpasniak’): 

5 Year Ban Issued

Ban Start: 2nd April 2021

Ban End: 1st April 2026


Carson “nosraC” O’Reilly:

111 day ban issued*

Ban Start: 2nd April 2021

Ban End: 22nd July 2021 (ban served)


*See sanction details in the following section.



Carson “nosraC” O’Reilly participated with only one inconclusive sentence in the widely publicised audio recording in which discussions were had about team Rebirth match-fixing. Importantly, as a result of his involvement in that conversation, he was, along with the other participants, refused entry into ESEA competition ever since that conversation was made public.

Articles 2.4.4 and 2.4.5 of ESIC’s Anti-Corruption Code operate so as to place a positive obligation on any party with information about Corrupt Conduct to inform ESIC of such conduct without unnecessary delay:

“2.4.4 Failing to disclose to ESIC (without unnecessary delay) full details of any approaches or invitations received by the Participant to engage in Corrupt Conduct under the Anti-Corruption Code.

2.4.5 Failing to disclose to ESIC (without unnecessary delay) full details of any incident, fact, or matter that comes to the attention of a Participant that may evidence Corrupt Conduct under the Anti-Corruption Code by another Participant, including (without limitation) approaches or invitations that have been received by another Participant to engage in Corrupt Conduct under the Anti-Corruption Code.”

As Mr. O’Reilly did not disclose to ESIC the Corrupt Conduct that was the subject of the widely publicised recording, he has now been formally charged with an offence under Article 2.4.4 and 2.4.5 of the ESIC Anti-Corruption Code.

After assessing Mr. O’Reilly’s participation in the conversation, ESIC further engaged in investigatory lines of enquiry to seek out any evidence of further involvement in any corrupt behavior beyond the recording. As at 22 July 2021, ESIC has concluded that there is currently no evidence that suggests that, unlike Mr Tropiano and Mr Przypasniak, Mr. O’Reilly perpetrated any other breaches of the Code. Consequently, time served by Mr. O’Reilly under effective suspension from the period of 2 April 2021 to 22 July 2021 has been deemed, by the Commissioner, as a sufficient sanction proportionate to his offence and he has been free since 22 July 2021, to play in ESIC member events.

As at the date of this release, Alex “vek” Voynov and David “J0LZ” Jolin, both named during the audio recording, are not currently charged with any breach of the Code and are free, as far as ESIC is concerned, to participate in any ESIC member event.


As per all investigations conducted by ESIC, our determinations have effect across all of our membership. This includes ESL, DreamHack, WePlay, BLAST, LVP, Nodwin, Eden, Relog, UCC, Allied, Kronoverse, Estars and 247 Leagues.  ESIC also requests that all non-ESIC member tournament organisers honour these bans.


ESIC appreciates that the broader investigation has been longstanding and ongoing. This is for good reason, as ESIC is seeking to collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders in order to arrive at an outcome that best serves the interests of integrity in esports. Furthermore, it is noted that the sensitive nature of the alleged conduct compounds additional layers of complexity which work against a quick resolution.

In order to facilitate further contextual understanding of ESIC’s activities on this matter outside the subject of this release, a simplified summary of key points has been provided below:

  • ESIC, having resolved charges against three individuals named in this release, is still investigating and resolving charges for 34 individuals for breaches of the Anti-Corruption Code during their participation in the ESEA Premier: North America.
  • Investigations into each individual comprise one ‘sub-investigation’ which holds its own host of challenges and complications.
  • ESIC has continued to work with law enforcement on all relevant overlapping areas of investigation.
  • ESIC is also working with a network of 40+ Anti-Corruption Supporters and non-member organisations to draw out betting data relevant to the investigation. This process is time consuming and ongoing.
  • ESIC is, in addition, working with stakeholders to negotiate logistics for the examination of non-betting related data relevant to this investigation.
  • Most pertinent to the complications faced and the length of this investigation is ESIC’s observation of compelling evidence that suggests that organised crime groups and foreign betting syndicates were involved in fraudulent activities during the course of season 35 of the ESEA Premier: North America.
  • Finally, in order for ESIC to functionally eradicate or to the greatest extent mitigate the existence of bad actors in esports, the investigation must be completed with the time and attention required – no matter how long – to provide the appropriate punishments and create a meaningful deterrent to future recurrence.


ESIC will provide all functional updates relating to this matter (not sanction outcomes) through its newly established Open Investigations Register. This is part of ESIC’s Transparency Initiative which can be read about here. Sanction outcomes will still be delivered via public release.


If you have any questions concerning this release, please contact us on


August 21, 2021

ESIC Launches ‘Transparency Initiative’ to Bolster Visibility of Investigative Work and Outcomes


  • ESIC is an integrity body that oversees member events across a variety of different esports titles. ESIC administers (on average) 15-30 investigations concurrently at any one time.
  • Due to ESIC’s current (but resolving) resourcing constraints, it is often limited to functions that are essential to its investigatory activity and therefore has on occasion not held the capacity to provide convenient updates to the public on ongoing matters in a timely manner.
  • Irrespective of resourcing constraints, most of the matters that ESIC is currently investigating are highly sensitive and confidential and publicity about them could not only undermine the investigation itself, but also potentially damage the reputation of innocent parties subsequently found to have not participated in corrupt activity. ESIC therefore exercises a high degree of caution in making any statement about ongoing matters.
  • However, ESIC is aware that the growing public interest in its activities and demand for information to be made available is something that it needs to resolve. It is important that ESIC provide a reliable and proportionate level of insight into the activities it undertakes so as to bolster public confidence in the integrity of esports and of ESIC as its guardian.


Roll out of a Transparency Initiative

Accordingly, ESIC has formulated a ‘Transparency Initiative’

This initiative will begin with a four staged roll-out (Phase 1).



In order to redeem resourcing that would otherwise need to be dedicated to public relations, media and press, ESIC has centralised reporting for updates on declassified public matters. An investigation is typically declassified for public listing after a third party (usually a party to the investigation or a journalist) has put the matter into the public domain or ESIC has made a public announcement about an investigation for strategic reasons or to enlist public support and information.

Accordingly, ESIC has installed a publicly accessible Matters Register detailing all current publicly disclosable ongoing investigations run by ESIC and the status of those investigations where appropriate. This will include information such as:

  1. Matter Name;
  2. Matter Open Date;
  3. Status of Matter
  4. Number of Updates Publicly Available
  5. Date of Last Update; and
  6. A ‘View’ link which will enable anyone to view the updates on any publicly declassified matter in one location.

Please note that information will continue to be populated and updated on this register over the course of this weekend.



It is imperative that a single source of truth exists recording all sanctions handed down by ESIC in a public and highly accessible format. Accordingly, ESIC has elected to create a centralised registry for the listing of all sanctions issued by ESIC.

The Public Sanctions Registry will contain information including:

  1. Name of Sanctioned Party;
  2. Sanction Commencement Date;
  3. Sanction Duration;
  4. Sanction End Date;
  5. Sanction Type (e.g. Ban, Betting Offence);
  6. A link to the relevant press release;
  7. Sanction Status (e.g. Active, Expired, Appealed, etc.)

Estimated Implementation Timeline: October 2021



ESIC is committed to a completely transparent process when it comes to appeals. In order to do so in a sustainable manner, ESIC has elected to digitise the information for public access so that there is less time and resourcing pressure on ESIC to make constant public statements relating to any update.

The Public Appeals Registry will detail all current appeals received by the Independent Appeals Panel and their respective status. This will include information such as:

  1. Name of Appellant;
  2. Appeal Date;
  3. Decision Appealed (link);
  4. Status of Appeal.

Estimated Implementation Timeline: October 2021



In addition to a Public Appeals Registry, ESIC is committed to providing access to the written decisions of the Independent Appeals Panel where permitted to do so (by consent of the parties).

This register will contain each permitted appeal and a link to access the written decision of the Appeals Panel.

Estimated Implementation Timeline: November 2021



Further to the above, ESIC is presently in the process of expanding its resourcing capabilities in order to allow it to scale beyond the limitations previously, and currently, inhibiting full scalability. This has been an 18 month process which has seen significant progress over the duration of the exercise.

ESIC intends to make various announcements in due course detailing:

  1. Further steps to be taken to increase transparency of ESIC’s operations after the implementation of Phase 1;
  2. Announcements relating to the resourcing of ESIC and its planned capabilities to serve the esports industry well into the future.

If you have any questions, please contact us at



August 12, 2021

Esports Technologies joins ESIC as an Anti Corruption Supporter

ESIC welcomes Esports Technologies (NASDAQ: EBET) as an ESIC Anti-Corruption Supporter. With the support of Esports Technologies, ESIC continues the battle against match-fixing and corruption in esports.

Anti-Corruption Supporters assist ESIC in investigating suspicious betting activity, supporting our larger mission in combating cheating and betting fraud in the esports industry.


About EsportsTechnologies

Esports Technologies is developing groundbreaking and engaging wagering products for esports fans and bettors around the world. Esports Technologies is one of the leading global providers of esports product, platform and marketing solutions. The company operates a licensed online gambling platform,, that offers real money betting on esports events and professional sports from around the world in a secure environment. The company is developing esports predictive gaming technologies that allow distribution to both customers and business partners.

Bart Barden, COO of Esports Technologies, said, “We are committed to working closely with ESIC to safeguard the integrity of esports and esports betting. As esports continues to rise in popularity, our coalition will work to build fan and bettor trust in esports tournaments. When the public has trust and confidence in the esports industry, every stakeholder wins.”


Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner, commented, “We are delighted to welcome Esports Technologies as an anti-corruption supporter of ESIC. Our anti-corruption supporters play an important role in our mission to deter cheating and fraudulent activity within esports betting. By joining ESIC, Esports Technologies has displayed its commitment to maintaining the integrity of esports.”


July 29, 2021

ESIC Statement Regarding Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen


Due to the publication of a statement by Nicolai “Hunden” Petersen, relating to a matter that is still undergoing investigation, ESIC has decided to issue its own statement, in both the public’s interest and to avoid speculation.


On Tuesday 6th July, ESIC received notification that Mr. Petersen had allegedly engaged in behaviour which could be classified as a breach of ESIC’s Integrity Program. The alleged behaviour was related to upcoming matches at IEM Cologne. Upon receiving this notification, ESIC commenced an investigation, reviewing the evidence available at the time and pursuing other investigative lines of enquiry.


ESIC promptly notified ESL ahead of IEM Cologne and ESL joined ESIC in cooperating with further investigative efforts to determine the impact of Mr. Petersen’s alleged actions on the integrity of the tournament. ESIC’s preliminary findings, on the evidence available, were that while Mr. Petersen did engage in behaviour that could constitute a breach of the ESIC Integrity Program, the consequences of his behaviour had not impacted the tournament integrity of IEM Cologne.


Since IEM Cologne, ESIC has continued to engage with the parties involved and impacted by Mr. Petersen’s actions and now awaits any further evidence that may arise from the various seizures carried out under Danish legal processes by Heroic. Following receipt of any further evidence, ESIC will aim is to assess whether there have been any breaches to the ESIC Integrity Program, by any of the parties involved, and what, if any, sanctions may be appropriate.


As this matter is still ongoing and under investigation, ESIC will reserve further comment on the outcomes arrived at and any potential sanctions to be issued until the finalisation of its investigation.

For further queries, please contact


July 02, 2021

Mongolian Esports Association formalises ESIC Membership

Mongolian Esports Association (MESA) has formalised membership with ESIC, marking an important step in MESA’s mission to develop the esports environment in Mongolia by adapting ESIC’s international standards and regulations. MESA will adopt and implement the current ESIC Codes in their operations to uphold and protect the integrity of esports competition.

ESIC will assist MESA in propagating the integrity framework within esports in Mongolia to support their mission to create a safe environment for esports participants that is free from cheating and corruption.

About Mongolian Esports Association

MESA was established in 2003, with the main goal of creating a space for the development of current and future athletes within the sport. Additionally, they aim to equip these athletes with the correct resources required to improve on their esports skills and utilise them to gain a competitive advantage against opposition.

Commenting on the MESA membership, Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner said:

“ESIC is happy to have MESA as a member. MESA has pledged a commitment to standardising an approach to competitive integrity in esports and their commitment to ESIC is a reflection of the fact that MESA values a safe, and healthy esports industry. We look forward to assisting MESA in the development of esports in Mongolia.”

President of MESA, Erdenechuluun Ganbaatar, added:

“We are honoured to be a part of the ESIC community and partake in the industry’s integrity and reliability. In 2021, MESA has planned over 20 mega local tournaments, in which 12 champions will consequently earn participation rights in international tournaments. Through the cooperation with ESIC, all of MESA’s tournaments significantly becomes professional and prestigious. We are excited to partake in this journey with ESIC.”


For more information about MESA, visit