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Helping Esports participants get educated regarding critical matters related to esports.

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Official Anti-Corruption Education Partner

We are proud to partner with GG.BET, the official Anti-Corruption Tutorial Partner of Fairplay Academy. GG.BET shares our commitment to promoting integrity and fair play in esports, making them an ideal collaboration in our mission to educate and empower the esports community.

"At ESIC, our mission is to uphold integrity and fair play in esports. FairPlay Academy is a critical extension of that mission."

Ian Smith, Commisioner of ESIC

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Empowering Esports Integrity for Industry Leaders

Who is this for?

Our tutorials are tailored to provide valuable insights and knowledge to:

Esports Players

Whether you’re an amateur player or a seasoned professional, our courses offer essential information on maintaining fair play and understanding the rules and regulations that govern esports competitions. Learn how to protect yourself and your team from potential pitfalls and promote a fair gaming environment.

Coaches & Managers

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to guide your team or organization towards success while adhering to ethical standards. Understand the unique challenges faced in esports and faster a culture of integrity within your team.

Tournament Organisers

Ensure your esports events are conducted with the highest level of integrity and transparency. Our courses will provide you with an understanding of anti-corruption measures, fair play principles, and the best practices for managing competitions.

Industry Professionals

Stay informed about the latest developments in esports governance and integrity. Our Courses will help you implement effective policies and procedures to create a safe and ethical gaming environment.

Empower Your Esports Career with Integrity

Strengthen Your Reputation & Foster Trust in the Esports Community

Comprehensive Tutorials

Our tutorials cover a wide range of integrity topics, including anti-doping regulations, anti-match fixing guidelines, responsible gaming, professional conduct and conflict of interest management.

Accessubke Learning Experience

FairPlay Academy’s user-friendly platform makers it easy for anyone to access and complete courses at their own pace.