As part of ESIC’s Transparency Initiative launched in 2021, this page contains a list of all ‘open investigations’ that are run by ESIC which have been declassified for public listing. An investigation is typically declassified for public listing after a third party (usually a party to the investigation or a journalist) has put the matter into the public domain or ESIC has made a public announcement about an investigation for strategic reasons or to enlist public support and information.

Disclaimer: This register is updated by ESIC from time to time, as deemed necessary by ESIC. Accordingly, the information on this register may not be complete or up to date at various points in time. If you have any concerns regarding the quality or accuracy of the information listed, please contact us on


Matter Name Matter Open Status Matter Updates Last Updated
Investigation into Team Akuma and Oleksandr Shyshko June 9, 2020 Outcome Issued 3 April 30, 2024 View
Historical Enquiry into Spectator Bug Exploitation August 27, 2020 Closed 5 November 29, 2023 View
Alleged Complicity of Heroic players in Historic Coaching Bug Scandal September 6, 2021 Closed 5 November 29, 2023 View
Investigation into Corrupt Betting in Member FIFA Match March 1, 2023 Outcome Issued 2 November 29, 2023 View
ESEA Premier: North America Match-Fixing Investigation September 15, 2020 Active 2 August 23, 2021 View