November 30, 2017


ArcaneBet Signs MoU with the Esports Integrity Coalition and join the fight for legal
and fair betting practices.

ArcaneBet, one of the newer esports focused sports betting operators, has completed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC). ESIC is one of the most active regulatory esports authorities and is has the clear-cut goal of creating a level, above board playing field for all members of the industry.

“The signing of this MoU was a natural progression for us,” Said the CEO of ArcaneBet, Tim Hurks, “ESIC represents a healthy shift towards legitimizing what for a long time has been a very grey space within the industry, and being part of that is important for us.” ArcaneBet has slowly been building a name for themselves within the esports betting space, and by entering into this MoU has shown that not only are they wanting to stay, they want to make sure that they do it right.

“Not only do we want to create a safe space for our customers to bet on esports matches, we also want to ensure that going forward we can help build bridges between the gambling industry and the esports industry,” Says Tim after being asked why this kind of coalition is important, “ Gambling within esports has been given a negative stigma, and we want to work alongside the other players in our industry to remove this stigma.”

“It’s great to welcome another specialist esports betting operator into membership of ESIC – it extends the reach of our suspicious bet alert network,” added Ian Smith, the ESIC Integrity Commissioner, “and having a legitimate, licensed operator that supports esports integrity and our vital education programme helps lessen the influence of illegal operators and betting fraudsters.”