January 28, 2020

ESIC Announces Introduction of Talent Agent Regulations

In response to strong feedback from industry stakeholders, the Esports Integrity Commission has commenced an initiative which will see a global regulatory scheme introduced to talent agents. The overarching purpose of the scheme is to ensure youth protection and professional integrity in the administration of talent agent operations.


In order to be commercially sensitive to existing stakeholders in the talent agent space, ESIC has convened a subcommittee of key talent agents which will provide recommendations to the Commissioner about the features which the industry considers necessary to best represent a credible, reliable and beneficial certification scheme for the esports industry internationally. These recommendations will inform the Commissioner’s publication of the scheme.


Stephen Hanna, Director of Global Strategy and Partnerships said:

“Consistent and proportional regulatory frameworks in high risk areas are an important component of the longevity of the esports industry. This is particularly the case in the talent agency role, where agents are often dealing with young people and their careers. ESIC has taken an ‘industry led’ approach to the procurement of a first scheme of regulation, by convening a subcommittee to inform the scheme. We hope that, at the conclusion of this exercise, we will have a scheme which will instill confidence in talent agents enrolled in the scheme while also reducing overall risk associated with talent agency operation.”


To date, ESIC has accepted several talent agencies from around the globe into the subcommittee. Over the coming months, subcommittee members will commence providing recommendations to the Commissioner on what they believe comprises essential elements of an effective scheme.


Regarding joining the subcommittee, Ryan Morrison, CEO of Evolved Talent Agency said:

“As a pioneer of esports player representation, the team at Evolved has fought fervently for player rights for several years and established itself as the first licensed esports agency in California. We recognize the good work of the Esports Integrity Commission and we look forward to working with ESIC to develop high standards for esports agents around the world designed to increase transparency and accountability within the industry. Partnering with ESIC is another step in our common pursuit to build a more sustainable esports ecosystem that fosters trust and confidence among players, agents, organizations, brands and fans.”


Rowan Stroo, Managing Director Esports at Sports Entertainment Group (SEG), an early proponent of the initiative also commented:

“When SEG joined the esports space in 2018, we set out to learn from, but also contribute to the esports industry by introducing some of the best practices from our ‘traditional’ sports agency business into esports. Working together with competitors on independent regulation and common goals is one of those best practices. Together, we can root out any obvious bad actors in the esports agency business and start building towards a future where every agent adds value for players, coaches, team organizations and commercial partners.”


Chandos Culleen, Co-founder, on behalf of The Culleen Agency also commented:

“The Culleen Agency is proud to join this effort by the Esports Integrity Commission. As an esports athlete representation agency it is our responsibility to help advocate for and protect our clients. Working with other leading esports agencies to develop new ways to make our industry less confusing for athletes is a natural extension of the work we do every day on behalf of our clients.”


Max Euler, Founder & CEO of R3PREZ3NT commented:
“Working together with the ESIC as part of their subcommittee regarding agents in esports is a great honor and I am looking forward to the work with colleagues from the entire esports industry. Esports has developed tremendously in recent years and many more new jobs inspired by traditional sports have been created. As an agent we follow the goals of our clients and we need to establish a baseline of quality to ensure the clients goals are meet. Very excited for the months to come and to present our vision for agents in 2020.”


Roger Quiles, Founder of Quiles Law and Co-Founder of FTW Talent said:

“Having represented esports players, streamers and coaches for five years, I’m very happy to be a part of ESIC’s Key Talent Agent Subcommitee. Fostering transparency and minimum standards for talent agents in esports is necessary for the protection of the talent that drive the growing esports industry.”


Jerome Coupez, CEO of Prodigy Agency commented:

With Prodigy Agency, we are paving the way for a sustainable esports industry for the players, and being part of the ESIC’s mission to regulate the official representation of the players is an honor and a no brainer. ESIC’s experience and infrastructure will help us creating a must needed certification scheme for Talents Agents in esports in order to lead the charge to evaluate and control the professional integrity of the agents and to protect the players as much as possible. Esports is still a very young and immature industry, and as leaders, this is our mission to pioneer the protection and support of the players, and avoid any misguidance and bad behaviors!”


ESIC is open to all enquiries regarding this initiative. If you have and questions or concerns, please contact us at