August 22, 2019

ESIC collaborate with Victoria Police resulting in the arrest of six individuals


22 August 2019

The investigation, which started in March 2019, was augmented by ESIC’s intelligence capabilities allowing law enforcement to discharge their mandate in a more timely and effective manner. ESIC has worked with Victoria Police on esports betting fraud cases for close to a year. In addition to this outcome, ESIC is also working in a similar supportive role on a number of other cases currently ongoing with Victoria Police on similar issues within esports.

Integrity Commissioner, Ian Smith said:

“We want the esports community to know that ESIC will pursue as many cases as we can, not just to apply esports sanctions like banning orders, but also to try and ensure these corrupt players face criminal consequences too. The tools and powers that the police have are far better than ESIC has as a voluntary regulator and we wish more police forces would prioritise this sort of damaging corruption for their attention. What happened in Australia today should be a wake up call to those players match-fixing that the net is closing. Every ESIC suspicious betting alert goes to Victoria Police and, if there is any Australian connection, they will pursue it.”

ESIC will continue to cooperate with Victoria Police as well as several other law enforcement agencies across the globe in order to prevent the utilisation of esports as a vehicle for the perpetration of fraud.


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