April 30, 2020

ESL and ESIC issues ban to Team VAC Player Emil “emilshe1n” Mamedov

ESL and ESIC issues ban to Team VAC Player Emil “emilshe1n” Mamedov

 Thursday 30th April: ESL and ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) have investigated an allegation of cheating that was raised against Emil “emilshe1n” Mamedov, during an ESL CS:GO Premiership group stage match between team VAC and team nerdRage on Tuesday 28th April. In conclusion of an investigation undertaken by ESL & ESIC, it is clear that there was a tournament rules violation by emilshe1n and, therefore, an appropriate punishment has been issued as a result of the completed investigation.

A technical pause was called during the match due to a Team VAC player having internet issues, causing him to lag. During the seven minute technical pause, player emilshe1n was noticed in the tournament’s twitch channel commenting within the chat section. Following his appearance in Twitch chat he was able to potentially pass on tactical information to his teammates about the economy of the opponent team, nerdRage.

The player should not have looked at the Twitch stream at all, but the violation was particularly egregious because the technical pause ran for seven minutes and, with the overall standard delay of GOTV and broadcast in place of three and a half minutes, there was enough time to gain information that could be used to gain an advantage.

Under rule 2.11 Cheating of the ESL Premiership CS:GO Spring 2020 Season Rulebook:


2.11.2 Information Abuse

Communication during the match with people not involved in the match is strictly forbidden, the same is true for using information about your game from other external sources (e.g. streams).

 Under the ESIC Player Code of Conduct Offences (Level 3)


2.3.3  Cheating or attempting to cheat to win a Game or Match.

 Punishment issued

To uphold competitive integrity in ESL run tournament regulated by ESIC the following punishment has been issued due to a clear rule break of 2.11.2 and 2.2.3 of the ESIC Code;

  • Overruling of match result by awarding team nerdRage the default win
  • Two major penalty points given to Team VAC, resulting in a 20% reduction of potential prize money
  • Player Emil “emilshe1n” Mamedov receives a competitive ban from all ESL and all ESIC regulated tournaments till the end of the ESL CS:GO Premiership Autumn season, 29th November

6.4 Punishments for Cheating

When cheating is uncovered in the ESL Premiership, the result(s) of the match(es) in question will be voided. The player will be banned, the team disqualified, forfeit their prize money, receive twelve (12) penalty points on ESL Play (where applicable) and will be banned from all competitions in ESL for a duration of normally five (5) years. This duration can be lower if significant mitigating factors are in play, but also higher, if there are aggravating circumstances.


ESL CS:GO Premiership Rule Book can be found here