June 02, 2020

ESL and ESIC reduce ban on appeal for CS:GO player Emil “emilshe1n” Mamedov

ESL and ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) received an appeal against the length of the original ban from the player and his new team (joined prior to the original ban), Mustang Crew which included testimony in mitigation from players in the opposing team in the game in question, nerdRage. ESIC, taking this testimony and the sincere public apology quoted below from the player himself into account, has decided to reduce the ban by 5 months.


Punishment amended to:

To uphold competitive integrity in an ESL run tournament regulated by ESIC, the following punishment has been issued due to a clear rule break of 2.11.2 and 2.2.3 of the ESIC Code;


  • Overruling of match result by awarding team nerdRage the default win
  • Two major penalty points given to Team VAC, resulting in a 20% reduction of potential prize money
  • Player Emil “emilshe1n” Mamedov receives a competitive ban from all ESL and all ESIC regulated tournaments until 30th June 2020


Player Apology:

“Dear fans and the entire Counter-Strike community!


Today I would like to publicly apologize for my erroneous actions and rash act in the nerdRage vs VAC match at the ESL Premiership CS:GO Spring 2020 Season, where I have broken the rules and watched the official broadcast of the match, thereby creating a precedent where I could get some information about the enemy’s position.


I have fully realized my wrongdoing and I consider this behavior unacceptable in the future, both for me and for all Counter-Strike players!


This has become a good lesson for me, do not make mistakes like this, and do not break the rules of tournaments! I am grateful to the players of nerdRage for their sympathy and ESL and ESIC for considering my appeal and allowing me to return to competition earlier.”


ESIC Commissioner, Ian Smith, said, “Whilst we believe the original sanction was justified in light of what is a potentially serious form of cheating, we were moved by the player’s apology and the impact we hope it will have as well as what we felt was the disproportionate impact of the ban on his new team alongside the sympathy and understanding shown by the nerdRage players. I hope this leniency is taken as the exception that it is, rather than a future precedent, because now that the message is out there, any future occurrence of this kind of cheating will be severely dealt with. The players have been warned.”