February 10, 2023

GG.BET Enters 3 Year Anti-Corruption Education Partnership With ESIC

The Esports Integrity Commission is proud to announce a three-year partnership with GG.BET as its Anti-Corruption Education Partner. The partnership was unveiled at ESIC’s Global Esports Summit on 9 February 2023 and represents a major step forward in promoting integrity and preventing corruption in esports.

As part of this partnership, GG.BET will support ESIC in producing its Anti-Corruption Tutorial, which aims to educate players and stakeholders about ethical behaviour in the esports industry. The tutorial will provide a valuable resource for the industry, helping to foster a culture of integrity and transparency.

GG.BET has also expanded its Anti-Corruption Support partnership with ESIC by becoming a Tier 1 Anti-Corruption Supporter. This further reinforces GG.BET’s commitment to creating a fair and secure environment for players and stakeholders in the esports industry.

“Over the past few years, GG.BET has invested a significant amount of effort into the development of esports. We have worked closely with teams and have seen the relevance of creating a safe and fair environment to ensure healthy competition in esports,” said Dmytro Voshkarin, CEO GG.BET. ” We are pleased to be working with ESIC, a partner with whom we share a common passion for bringing integrity to esports, and we believe this tutorial will be helpful in achieving this goal.”

ESIC’s Director of Global Strategy and Partnerships, Stephen Hanna, commented, “Partnerships like this one with GG.BET are critical to our mission of promoting integrity and preventing corruption in esports. We’re grateful for their support and look forward to working together over the next three years to create a stronger, safer esports industry for all.”

The importance of anti-corruption education in esports cannot be overstated. It helps to build a culture of accountability and transparency and ensures that players and stakeholders understand the consequences of unethical behaviour. With this partnership, GG.BET is taking a leading role in promoting anti-corruption education and creating a better future for the esports industry.


About GG.BET

GG.BET is an international esports betting company, which was founded in 2016. The company has a brand presence in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

GG.BET plays an active role in the development of esports by supporting international tournaments, sponsoring streams and creating esports content with well-known experts, casters and influencers. It has also partnered with NAVI and Team Vitality CS:GO.

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About ESIC

ESIC is the recognized guardian of the integrity of esports and works to for disrupt, prevent, investigate, and prosecute of all forms of cheating and malpractice in esports, including, but not limited to, match manipulation and doping with the overarching objective of protecting youth, promoting industry investment and safeguarding sporting integrity in esports.

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