April 01, 2021

GT Sports Leagues joins ESIC as a member

GT Sports Leagues has joined ESIC as its latest member. They will adopt and implement  the ESIC Codes in their operations. In doing so, GT Sports Leagues joins a large group of  members in a unified industry wide approach to competitive integrity.  

About GT Sports Leagues 

GT Sports Leagues is an esports content creator and tournament organiser that has been  powering esports experiences for the past 10 years. GT Sports Leagues has generated high levels of engagement with its content and facilitated a positive towards esports in their  community. GT Sports Leagues hosts gaming festivals, manages global esports productions,  and produces content to engage their community with esports around the world. 

Commenting on the GT Sports Leagues membership, Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner  said: 

“We are excited to have GT Sports Leagues join ESIC. Memberships like these allow  esports participants to grow more confident in a unified and standardized presence of  integrity in the industry. We look forward to working with GT Sports Leagues to keep esports  safe from threats of corruption and match manipulation.

Rita Iordanidou as Project Manager at GT Sports Leagues added: 

“We are very happy to become a member of ESIC. Given the vast growth of esports industry, we consider this membership of utmost importance since it will give us more  trustworthiness and durability to the online gaming industry. We are ready to take advantage  of the benefits this collaboration will bring us to all aspects, and we are absolutely looking  forward to it.” 

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