May 04, 2020

Midnite and ESIC partner to fight corruption in esports

Midnite and ESIC partner to fight corruption in esports


  • Leading UK esports betting company Midnite joins the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), a non-profit designed to tackle cheating and corruption in esports.
  • ESIC works with betting companies to extend its suspicious bet alert network, which detects possible instances of match-fixing.
  • Esports tournament organisers, including ESL, BLAST Premier, DreamHack and LVP, have also attained membership with ESIC to introduce codes of conduct and anti-corruption codes.


Leading UK esports betting operator Midnite has pledged to tackle corruption in the industry after partnering with the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).


Midnite has joined the ESIC anti-corruption programme to ensure the integrity of esports events and contribute to ESIC’s suspicious bet alert network.


Currently in open beta, Midnite offers customers a dedicated esportsbook with fan-centric features as well as the security of a UK Gambling Commission licence.


ESIC is a non-profit independent global body that has guarded esports integrity and transparency since 2016. 


ESIC unites various esports companies and organisations for information and experience exchange, joint confrontation to all kinds of corruption and fraud in esports, and education of the industry participants.


According to ESIC, the number of betting alerts that may be connected to match-fixing, from 2017 to 2018 nearly doubled showing the increase from 39 to 74. In recent times, ESIC has observed an increase in suspicious betting of approximately 50%, largely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent influx of betting activity into esports.To oppose this and other threats to esports, ESIC continuously extends its Members and Supporters list paying great attention to the bookmakers’ community.


ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith said: “In reaching our goal which is to make esports as fair as possible, bookmakers play a crucial role since their internal data analysis makes it easier to recognize the signs of a rigged match. 


“We’re glad to welcome Midnite as our new Anti Corruption Supporter. Having them as partners is another step towards the future where esports is free from corruption and fraud.”


Caroline Newman, Head of Compliance at Midnite, said:  “At Midnite, we value transparency, integrity and care when it comes to our product and customers.


“With our core focus being on esports betting, our ethics revolve around trust and with esports as a whole. ESIC’s experience and expertise on fighting corruption and other threats to the betting and esports industries ensures they remain sustainable and reliable. 


“Being a member of ESIC is an honour, and we look forward to working with the team there to uphold the integrity of esports.”