August 10, 2020

Portuguese Esports Federation Partners with ESIC

The Portuguese Esports Federation has become a member of the Esports Integrity Commission
(ESIC). This agreement will guarantee the compliance of the Portuguese Esports Federation
with ESIC’s Code of Ethics, as well as of all future competitions to be organized or licensed by
the Portuguese Esports Federation with ESIC’s Anti-Corruption Code, Player Code of Conduct
and Anti-Doping Code.

Tiago Fernandes, the Portuguese Esports Federation’s President, said that “This is yet another
step that we are doing in order to fulfil our mission of developing the Portuguese Esports
Ecosystem, in accordance with a proper sports spirit, educational and cultural values and
principles of active citizenship.” Tiago Fernandes added that, as the Portuguese Esports
Federation is establishing a National Competitive Esports Calendar, in a multitude of different
game titles, “this allows our country’s players, coaches, referees and clubs to be assured that
they will be participating in competitions that are fair and transparent and where integrity and
loyalty are omnipresent, as well as true sportsmanship. This will also reassure the confidence of
our commercial partners in investing in said competitions.”

Ian Smith, Commissioner of ESIC, said, “It is such a pleasure to welcome the PESF into ESIC
Membership. Their commitment to the development of a vibrant grass roots scene in Portugal
with integrity at the heart of it is very encouraging. We look forward to working with the team
to embed our Codes into their rules and regulations and supporting them with their education
initiatives to ensure the next generation has all the tools it needs to succeed fairly and with