March 01, 2017

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) Signs an Information Sharing Memorandum of Understanding with The Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) to Promote integrity in esports wagering in Nevada and to aid in the fight against betting fraud in esports worldwide.

The Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) is proud to announce the signing of an information sharing MOU with the NGBC. The MOU allows the two organisations to share information about suspicious bets and other information related to betting fraud and match manipulation in esports without further formality. This facilitates the real time exchange of vital data aimed at preventing corruption in esports and enhances the activities of ESIC and its other betting and regulatory partners globally as they work together to combat betting fraud in esports.

Esports Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith said, “We are delighted that the Nevada Board have agreed to work with us as they start their journey in the regulation of esports wagering. The GCB is the gold standard in the regulation of sports betting in the US and it has already been a pleasure working with them. Adding the experience and vital information of our other partners in the information exchange to the Board’s intelligence database and vice versa will undoubtedly strengthen all our efforts considerably.”

Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman, AG Burnett, added, “As wagering on esports grows in Nevada, it is important for the GCB to work with integrity-focused groups such as ESIC.  This MOU will allow for the exchange of information and sharing of data that goes toward our mutual goals of ensuring wagering on esports is done safely, with integrity and a focus on removing the chances of issues arising with esports betting.”

With the signing of this MOU, the NGCB will work with ESIC’s panel of Betting Partners and Regulators to exchange information about suspicious betting alerts and other information relevant to attempts at match manipulation and betting fraud in esports. This ever-expanding panel of operators and regulators centred around ESIC allows each party to make pro-active real time decisions about betting events; including whether to close markets, void bets, initiate investigations and/or work with the tournament organiser, team or players involved to determine what, if anything, happened and what the consequences should be.

About ESIC:

The Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) was established in 2016 to take responsibility for disruption, prevention, investigation and prosecution of all forms of cheating in esports, including, but not limited to, match manipulation and doping.

About NGCB:

The NGCB protects the stability of the gaming industry through investigations, licensing, and enforcement of laws and regulations; ensures the collection of gaming taxes and fees, an essential source of state revenue; and maintains public confidence in gaming.  Nevada is regarded throughout the world as the gold standard in gaming regulation and, in part, that reputation is tied to the NGCB’s tireless efforts to thwart illegal and irregular betting, in general, and the NGCB is committed to putting forth that same level of effort in eradicating illegal and irregular betting in esports, as well.