December 04, 2023

Public Statement on Disciplinary Action Against Participant Alexey Shyshko

 Introduction to ESIC Public Statement on Lifetime Ban of Alexey Shyshko: 

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) today announces a critical action in our ongoing efforts to safeguard the integrity of esports. Following a comprehensive investigation, ESIC has imposed a lifetime ban on Mr. Alexey Shyshko, proprietor of numerous professional esports teams, including Akuma, Majesty and Project X, for severe violations of the ESIC Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Code over a considerable period of time. This ban, effective from October 24, 2023, is in response to Mr. Shyshko’s involvement in orchestrating match-fixing activities and facilitating cheating within various esports competitions. 

As proprietor, Mr. Shyshko misused his influential position to undermine the principles of fair competition and integrity that form the cornerstone of esports. This included manipulating match outcomes for financial gain and providing unfair advantages to his teams in competitive play, encouraging and facilitating various players to cheat and match-fix for his financial gain. Such actions not only compromised the integrity of individual matches but also tarnished the reputation of esports as a whole. 

This decision, a first of its kind in terms of its severity, underscores ESIC’s commitment to enforcing strict adherence to its codes and ensuring a level playing field for all participants. The lifetime ban of Mr. Shyshko, accompanied by additional sanctions on associated teams and individuals, serves as a stark reminder that any form of corruption or unethical behavior within the esports arena will be met with the most serious consequences. 

ESIC’s primary mission remains the preservation of the integrity and fair competition in esports. This case, while regrettable, highlights our unwavering dedication to this mission and our readiness to take decisive action to protect the sport’s integrity and the interests of all fair competitors and fans globally. 

Overview of the Case 

ESIC’s inquiry was propelled by information received through confidential sources, betting evidence provided by our Anti-Corruption Supporters and match analysis provided by experts seconded to us by ESIC member tournament organisers, necessitating a detailed and meticulous examination of the activities surrounding Mr. Shyshko, his multiple teams and large roster of associated players. 

Our investigation unveiled substantial evidence that Mr. Shyshko engaged in activities that flagrantly and consistently violated the principles of fair play and integrity central to the ethos of esports. These activities primarily involved instances of match-fixing and facilitating cheating, which are antithetical to the competitive spirit of esports. 

In one egregious incident, Mr. Shyshko was implicated in facilitating a match-fixing agreement during a Bulgarian LAN event, involving Team Majesty, which he owned and controlled. This plan, executed between August 20, 2020, and December 2, 2020, involved the deliberate manipulation of match outcomes with the promise of financial gain for the participating players. In another disturbing instance, during the “Time of Bet Cup” event, Mr. Shyshko provided Team Majesty with an unfair advantage by enabling unauthorized communication methods, significantly compromising the integrity of the competition. 

The findings made by ESIC during its investigations into Mr. Shyshko’s behaviours paint a clear picture of Mr. Shyshko’s involvement in corrupt practices that directly contravened the ESIC Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Code, reflecting a calculated disregard for the fundamental principles of esports integrity. 

The severity of Mr. Alexey Shyshko’s actions cannot be understated. His involvement in orchestrating match-fixing and facilitating cheating not only breached the trust of players, teams, and fans but also threatened the very foundation of fair competition in esports. These actions, uncovered during our thorough investigation, clearly violated specific sections of the ESIC Code. 

The investigation revealed that Mr. Shyshko’s conduct breached Section 2.1 of the ESIC Code of Conduct, which mandates that esports participants must not engage in any form of cheating, match-fixing, or any other activities that undermine the integrity of esports. Additionally, his actions contravened Section 3.1 of the Anti-Corruption Code, which prohibits participants from engaging in betting, gambling, or similar activities that could lead to conflicts of interest. Furthermore, the violations also fell under the purview of Section 6.1 of the ESIC Disciplinary Procedure, which stipulates that participants found guilty of engaging in cheating or match-fixing are subject to a range of sanctions, including fines, suspensions, or disqualification from competition. 

This background forms the basis of the sanctions imposed on Mr. Shyshko, reflecting ESIC’s unwavering commitment to uphold the highest standards of integrity within the esports industry. 

ESIC’s Actions and Sanctions: 

In response to the grave violations committed by Mr. Alexey Shyshko, the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has taken decisive and stringent actions to uphold the integrity of esports and enforce its Integrity Program. The following summarizes the key actions and sanctions imposed: 

Issuance of a Rejection Order Against Alexey Shyshko: 

ESIC has issued a Rejection Order against Mr. Shyshko, effective from October 24, 2023, culminating in a lifetime ban from all ESIC member events. This unprecedented sanction reflects the seriousness of Mr. Shyshko’s offenses and serves as a strong deterrent to others who might contemplate similar violations. 

The Rejection Order encompasses a comprehensive participation restriction, prohibiting Mr. Shyshko from participating in any capacity—whether as owner, agent, or manager—in any ESIC member events. Additionally, any team or player in which Mr. Shyshko has an interest or involvement is also barred from participating in ESIC member events. 

Mr. Shyshko was served with the Rejection Order and given an opportunity to respond. It is noted that Mr.Shysko did not contest ESIC’s charge and expressed an acceptance of the charges and the sanction applied by ESIC. 

Sanctions on Teams and Individuals Associated with Shyshko: 

Earlier this week, ESIC handed down additional sanctions for participants associated with the teams implicated in Mr. Shyshko’s behaviour. This action reinforces the principle that entities linked to corrupt practices will face serious repercussions. Further investigations and potential prosecutions remain in progress. 

Protection and Immunity for Cooperating Individuals: 

In recognition of the valuable assistance provided by several individuals during the investigation, ESIC has granted immunity to those who cooperated in bringing this outcome to pass. This decision underscores ESIC’s commitment to encouraging reporting of unethical behavior while ensuring the safety and anonymity of informants. 

Through these actions, ESIC affirms its steadfast dedication to maintaining the integrity of esports. These sanctions are a clear message that violations of the ESIC Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Code will be met with the utmost seriousness and result in significant consequences. This stance is vital in preserving the spirit of fair competition and the trust of players, teams, and fans in the esports ecosystem. 

Conclusion and ESIC’s Comments 

In conclusion, the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) reaffirms its unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity within the esports industry. The rigorous investigation and subsequent sanctions imposed on Mr. Alexey Shyshko and associated individuals reflect our resolve to confront unethical behavior head-on and protect the essence of fair competition. 

ESIC remains vigilant and proactive in identifying and addressing threats to the integrity of esports. We continue to refine our monitoring and investigative processes, working collaboratively with teams, players, and event organizers to foster an environment where fair play is paramount. 

We encourage all stakeholders within the esports industry – players, teams, organizers, and fans – to join us in this important endeavor. By working together, we can create a landscape that not only values competitive excellence but also champions ethical conduct and respect for the rules. 

ESIC is committed to maintaining transparent and open lines of communication with all members of the esports community. We welcome feedback, collaboration, and information that can aid in our mission to maintain a clean and reputable competitive environment. 

About ESIC 

ESIC is the recognized guardian of the integrity of esports and works to for disrupt, prevent, investigate, and prosecute of all forms of cheating and malpractice in esports, including, but not limited to, match manipulation and doping with the overarching objective of protecting youth, promoting industry investment and safeguarding sporting integrity in esports. 

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